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Rogers4350 Electronic Test HF Sensors 0.508mm Thickness Board

Origin:China/ Special: High frequency pcb/ Layer:4/ Thickness:0.508mm/ Surface: ENIG/ Hole:0.2

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Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you rogers4350 electronic test hf sensors 0.508mm thickness board with competitive price. Just be free to buy good rogers4350 electronic test hf sensors 0.508mm thickness board at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Rogers4350 Electronic Test HF sensors 0.508mm Thickness Board 

high frequency circuit design

Quick detail:

electronics high frequency circuit


Special: High frequency pcb



Surface: ENIG



Rogers pcb multilayer pcb with high frequency can improvide the products quality ,

with high techolonogy treatment improve the life cycle of the products .

The high frequency rogers pcb with 4 mil 1 oz ,

also with DHI half hole blind buried techonology .

Immersion gold surface finish make the pcb 's conductive performance enhancements.

Multilayer pcb design ,the precision of the pcb improves much more better .

Low dielectric : 3 dielectric conductivity much more precision .

Rogers material used in RF Microwave fields in radar system .

Superior customer service is one of the things that sets us apart from the crowd. We welcome your contact for any reason - quotes, design advice, samples, referrals ... anything at all. We believe in forming strong partnerships and friendships with our customers, and this extends far beyond the basic sale of goods.

We know there are other high frequency board houses capable of building excellent product at competitive prices, but none of them can compare with us in RF Microwave pcb board when it comes to "doing whatever it takes" service and an honest partnership attitude.

Max layer count20L
Max board thickness6.0mm
Max aspect ratio10:1
Max copper thickness6OZ
Max dimension600x700mm
Min thickness of 4 layers PCB0.4mm
Min hole/ pad0.15/0.35mm
Hole location accuracy+/-0.05mm
PTH hole tolerance+/-0.05mm
Min line width and line space0.065/0.065mm
Surface treatmentHASL/HASL lead free, OSP, Immersion gold/silver/tin, gold plating (hard gold and soft gold), silver plating, tin plating, platinum plating, carbon ink, and ENEPIG(electroless nickel - electroless palladium - immersion gold)

Layer countSample lead time/workdayBatch lead time/workday
18-40LUp to difficulty, at least 18 for sample, 24 for batch
HDI, Blind/Buried Hole PCBRegular Lead Time + 3 workdays

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