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4-layer HDI Rogers PCBs Rogers PCB With HASL Surface Finish

4-layer HDI Rogers PCBs Rogers PCB With HASL Surface Finish

4-layer HDI Rogers PCBs Rogers PCB With HASL Surface Finish Key specifications/special features: Rogers PCB Rogers 4350B, Roger3003, Rogers4003,Roger 5880,Rogers6002 and more material on stock PCB thickness: 0.2-2mm+/-10% Final copper: 0.5-10oz Min hole: 0.2mm Min line width/space:...

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Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd mission is to significantly enhance the quality and shorten the time to market for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits developer/manufacturers and Device manufacturers by providing a validation service based on a disruptive system level methodology and turn-key development of application reference Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit designs.


Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd was founded in December 2002 with headquarter in the high technology area of Shenzhen,China.


Through 16 years of experience with RF,Microwave,Base Station Antenna, Satellite Antenna, RFID Antenna and RF transmitter and receiver module PCB Board,we provide accelerated time to market solutions with outstanding customer product quality.

Production PCBs:

We provide Customized production quantity Rogers PCBs at competitive go-to-market pricing with no NRE minimums or contracts. We have the capabilities to manufacture your production Rogers,Taconic,F4B,Isola printed circuit boards in-house at our factory.

Multilayer PCBs:

We have the capabilities to manufacture Multilayer Rogers,Taconic printed circuit boards. Our maximum board size for multilayer PCBs is 16"x26" and the standard Customized PCB manufacturing turnaround time depends on the complexity and quantity of the boards needed.

PCB markets:

As a leading Rogers PCB manufacturer in the China, we build bare boards ranging from simple double-sided PCBs to class 3 highly complex, mission critical, multilayer aerospace and military (ITAR) PCBs.

Our factory's story:

We started Custom Rogers,Taconic Circuit Boards because we were tired of the poor customer service and board quality from other PCB companies in the industry. We knew that we could do better. Now, every day we do our best to exceed our customer's expectations by providing exceptional personal customer service and competitively priced high-quality rogers printed circuit boards that are delivered on time.

We look forward to earning your production and quick turn prototype PCB fabrication business.

1LayersSingle Sided,2 to 18 Layer
 2Board material typeFR4,Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B
 3Compound material lamination4 to 6 layers
 4Maximum dimension610 x 1,100mm
 5Dimension tolerance±0.13mm
 6Board thickness coverage0.2 to 6.00mm
 7Board thickness tolerance±10%
 8DK thickness0.076 to 6.00mm
 9Minimum line width0.10mm
10Minimum line space0.10mm
11Outer layer copper thickness8.75 to 175µm
12Inner layer copper thickness17.5 to 175µm
13Drilling hole diameter (mechanical drill)0.25 to 6.00mm
14Finished hole diameter (mechanical drill)0.20 to 6.00mm
15Hole diameter tolerance (mechanical drill)0.05mm
16Hole position tolerance (mechanical drill)0.075mm
17Laser drill hole size0.10mm
18Board thickness and hole diameter ratio10:1
19Solder mask typeGreen, Yellow, Black, Purple, Blue, White and Red
20Minimum solder maskØ0.10mm
21Minimum size of solder mask separation ring0.05mm
22Solder mask oil plug hole diameter0.25 to 0.60mm
23Impedance control tolerance±10%
24Surface finishHot air level, ENIG, immersion silver, gold plating, immersion tin and gold finger





Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you 4-layer HDI Rogers PCBs Rogers PCB With HASL Surface Finish with competitive price. Just be free to buy good 4-layer HDI Rogers PCBs Rogers PCB With HASL Surface Finish at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.
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