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Rogers PCB Double Sided PCB Board

Rogers PCB Double Sided PCB Board

PCB, PCB Board, Immersion Gold PCB manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 8 Layer 94V0 PCB Board with Immersion Gold Solder Mask, PCB Board Contract Manufacturer, SPD PCB Board 2 Layer Circuit Board and so on.

Product Details


Product Detail

Detailed Product Description

Base Material:Rogers 4003

Product Name:Electronic Pcb/2K*4K Android Quad Core Motherboard/PCB Prototype/Electronic Circuit Board

Number Of Layers:8-Layer

Copper Thickness:Inner 1/2 Oz-4oz;Outer 1oz-5oz

Board Thickness:Mechanical Drill: 8mil(0.2mm)

Surface Finishing:HASL/HASL Lead Free/immersion Gold/ENIG

Min. Line Width:0.075mm(3mil)

Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm(4mil)

Min. Hole Size:0.1mm(4mil)

Rogers High Frequency PCB:China Rogers Printed Circuit Board

Service:One Stop Turnkey Service


Testing Service:X-Ray/AOI X-Ray Function Test/Omron AOI/Solder Paste Testing

Application:Industrial Control/Medical Device Consumer/Communications/Electronics Device/Unicycle/Computer Pcb


RO4003 (r = 3.38) and RO4350 (r = 3.48) is the same material for the commercial market development. Woven fiberglass body is immersed in a ceramic plus thermoplastic resin to form a rigid and temperature stable laminate, electrical characteristics suitable for microwave frequencies. Mechanical properties of this material is similar to FR4, can use ordinary FR4 production processing technology, in combination with prepreg RO4403, can make plywood. RO4350 material for the needs UL94V0 grade applications. Compared with the price RO3000 series, RO4000 low-cost microwave circuit applications selective superior.


Key Benefits:

High dielectric constant for circuit size reduction

Low loss. Ideal for operating at X-band or below

Tight εr and thickness control for repeatable circuit performance

Typical Applications:

Space Saving Circuitry

Patch Antennas

Satellite Communications Systems

Power Amplifiers

Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems

Ground Radar Warning Systems

Competitive Advantage:


2).Lead time:3-10 working days

3)Competitive price best quality

4).Rich 20 years experience in High Tg Multilayer PCB .



What Information customer need to provide for quotation ?

1. PCB Gerber files ,protel,powerpcb,Autocad,etc.

2. BOM list for PCB assembly.

3. Send us your sample PCB or PCBA.

4. OEM is acceptable.

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