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Rogers PCB 8 Layer Prototype PCB

Rogers PCB 8 Layer Prototype PCB

Rogers PCB Rogers 4350B, Roger3003, Roger 5880 and more material on stock PCB thickness: 0.2-2mm+/-10% Final copper: 0.5-10oz Min hole: 0.2mm Min line width/space: 4/4mil Min hole copper: 20μm/25μm

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Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you rogers pcb 8 layer prototype pcb with competitive price. Just be free to buy good rogers pcb 8 layer prototype pcb at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.


6 layer

White solder mask, 


Copper THK: 1OZ

Location: Shenzhen

Copper: 1oZ

Material: rogers 4350

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG 

Solder Mask: Green

Panel Size: 100x80mm

Copper Thickness: 1oZ


ItemMass ProductionPilot Run Production
Layer Counts1L—18L, HDI20-28 , HDI
MaterialFR-4,High TG FR4,Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B
Material Mixed Laminate4 layers -- 10 layers12 layers
Maximum Size610mm X 1200mm1200 - 2000MM
Board Outline Tolerance±0.15mm±0.10mm
Board Thickness0.125mm--6.00mm0.1mm--8.00mm
Thickness Tolerance ( t≥0.8mm)± 8%±5%
Thickness Tolerance( t<0.8mm)±10%±8%
Minimum Line / Space0.10mm0.075mm
Trace width Tolerance15%-20%10%
Minimum Drilling Hole (Mechanical)0.2mm0.15mm
Minimum laser hole0.1mm0.075mm
Hole Position/hole Tolerance±0.05mm           PTH:±0.076MM     NPTH:±0.05mm
Mini hole ring (single0.075MM0.05MM
OutLayer Copper Thickness17um--175um175um--210um
InnerLayer Copper Thickness17um--175um175um--210um
Mini Solder Mask Bridge0.05mm0.025mm
Impedance Control Tolerance±10%±5%
Surface FinishingHASL, Lead free HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver.
Plated gold , OSP, Carbon ink,
1-2L Lead-time3-7 days1-2 days
4- 8L Lead-time7-10 days2-7 days
10-18L Lead-time10-15 days4-9 days
20-28L Lead-time15-20 days
Acceptable File FormatALL Gerber Files,POWERPCB,PROTEL,PADS2000,CAD,AUTOCAD,ORCAD,P-CAD,CAM-350,CAM2000 etc.
Quality StandardsIPC-A-600F and MIL-STD-105D CHINA GB<4588>

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