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Rogers PCB Ro 6010 Radar ER = 10.2

Rogers Circuit Board,Microwave PCB Boards,RF Printed Circuit Board manufacturer/supplier in China,offering Double Side

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you rogers pcb ro 6010 radar er = 10.2 with competitive price. Just be free to buy good rogers pcb ro 6010 radar er = 10.2 at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

High Thermal Performance

Tg of 200 (DSC), 230°C (DMA)

Low CTE for reliability

Lead-free Compatible & Rhos Complaint

UV Blocking and AOI Fluorescence

Copper Foil Cladding: Grade 3 (HTE),1/2,1 and 2 oz. Foil Options: Reverse treat


Typical Applications:

Space Saving Circuitry

Patch Antennas

Satellite Communications Systems

Power Amplifiers

Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems

Ground Radar Warning Systems

Demanding applications such as high-bandwidth 5G communications or radar sensors for autonomous driving require specially developed printed circuit board (PCB) and interconnection technologies, supplier not only serve as Radar Navigation, but also provide functions such as antennas and filters rogers board.RF PCB company Xinchenger PCB has developed High Frequency printed circuit boards that deliver the performance required for robust high-bandwidth communications at frequencies up to 80 GHz.

Radar navigation is a type of radio navigation and an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect a target.Radar device for navigation and positioning.The main purpose of the radar is to find and lock targets and also have navigation capabilities,used in the military field,so Radar navigation board produce in strict quality requirements,Xinchenger PCB will provide high quality Radar navigation rogers board,precision line width and hole size,some customers will have requirements for Radar navigation rogers board size,must keep same size from gerber file,we will do that,will not have any tolerance for size.

Leading Edge Technologies

Fully automated facility

Hybrid technology boards,Rogers Board,Taconic Board,F4B Board

Mixed dielectric construction

250mils maximum board thickness

0.25oz minimum and 5oz maximum copper

4mils traces and spacing (with 0.5 oz copper)

5mils annular ring and 9 mils clearance

6mils finished hole

4mils finish hole (Blind via) on up to 15 mils core

12:1 aspect ratio (laminate thickness to drill hole)

4 mils min. inner layer cores

Controlled impedance modeling with TDR testing

Maximum panel size 18" x 24" for the balance

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