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Rogers 4350 PCB Base Station Antenna Board

Rogers 4350 PCB Base Station Antenna Board

The antenna circuit board is to accept or send wireless signal antenna through the copper-clad etching process in the circuit board antenna,Rogers 4350 PCB Base Station Antenna Board

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Product Details

Rogers 4350 PCB Base Station Antenna Board

Key specifications/special features:

Rogers PCB

Rogers 4350B, Roger3003, Rogers4003,Roger 5880 and more material on stock

PCB thickness: 0.2-2mm+/-10%

Final copper: 0.5-10oz

Min hole: 0.2mm

Min line width/space: 4/4mil

Min hole copper: 20μm/25μm

Solder mask: green/blue/red/black/gray/white

Legend: white/black/yellow

Surface: OSP/HAL lead-free/immersion gold/immersion tin/

immersion silver/flash gold/hard gold

Outline: rout and score/V-cut

E-test: 100%

Certificates: UL, SGS, RoHS Directive-compliant, ISO

Files: Gerber Protel DXP Auto CAD PADs eagle

Testing: flying probe test, E-test, X-ray Inspection, AOI

Products: Communications (mobile phones, wireless network card, base station, 2.4G walkie - talkies, etc. GPS navigation, antenna amplification, microwave communication module category, wireless communications are related.In addition to the impedance of communication products, there is another one that is medical products and aerospace products

With the 4G network building in the world, multi-network operation has become the main theme of the operator network development. Base station also changes with the network to macro station and micro-station combined network development. Antennas that are part of a base station will also change with the base station. Support multi-frequency multi-mode, miniaturization is becoming the antenna development

Antenna is an important part of mobile communication system, directly related to the coverage of mobile communication networks and service quality. Such as call loss rate, call drop rate, handover success rate and so on. Antenna selection and setting as the basic means to control the wireless network coverage plays an important role in improving the network performance.With the advent of the 4G era, higher requirements have been set for coverage efficiency and spectrum utilization. In the era of 3G smart antenna technology, its development to effectively complement the operator's diverse antenna needs, effectively suppress the interference and improve the utilization of the spectrum and improve the system capacity

In the engineering design of mobile communication network, the base station antenna should be selected reasonably based on the actual conditions such as network coverage requirements, traffic distribution, anti-interference requirements and network service quality

Base station antenna parameter editing

Electrical Specifications

Frequency range Frequency rang (MHz) 806 ~ 960

Polarization Vertical Vertical

Gain (dBi) 17.5

Beam width (°) H: 65 V: 7

Front-to-back ratio (dB) ≥25

Input Impedance (Ω) 50


The antenna circuit board is to accept or send wireless signal antenna through the copper-clad etching process in the circuit board antenna, this antenna is associated with the original electronic integrated together, and in the form of modules, the advantage of High integration, compression volume can reduce costs, the disadvantage is the limited sensitivity of the communication distance low, but in the short-range remote control and communications, etc. is still widely used.The ultimate goal of the antenna is to radiate RF signals into free space, the design of the antenna is very important at this time, but the antenna design depends heavily on the characteristics of the installed platform, in addition the antenna is very sensitive to the surrounding environment, these reasons In many cases, the antenna is unique to each platform

Product Description

We can produce the following process of circuit board:

Material: Rogers,Taconic,F4B,Teflon ect

Surface Treatment: HASL, LEAD-FREE, Immersion Gold, Gold Plating, OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver

Layer count: 1-10

Board Thickness: 0.4mm-3.2mm

Copper Thickness: 17um-140um

Min conductor width: 0.1mm

Min conductor spacing: 0.1mm

Min hole size: φ 0.2mm

Impedance Tolerance: +/-10%

Profiling Tolerance: +/-0.1mm


Rogers pcb multilayer pcb with high frequency can improvide the products quality ,

with high techolonogy treatment improve the life cycle of the products .

The high frequency rogers pcb with 4 mil 1 oz ,also with DHI half hole blind buried techonology .

Immersion gold surface finish make the pcb 's conductive performance enhancements.

Multilayer pcb design ,the precision of the pcb improves much more better .

Low dielectric : 3 dielectric conductivity much more precision .Rogers material used in RF Microwave fields in radar system .

1Numbr of Layer1-16 Layers (standard)


3Surface Finish

HASL(LF), Gold plating, Enig,Immersion gold, Immersion Tin, OSP

4Finish Board Thickness0.2mm-6.00 mm(8mil-126mil)
5Copper Thickness1/2 oz min;12 oz max
6Solder MaskGreen/Black/White/Red/Blue/Yellow
7Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing0.075mm/0.1mm(3mil/4mil)
8Min.Hole Diameter for CNC Driling0.1mm(4mil)
9Min.Hole Diameter for punching0.9mm(35mil)
10Biggest panel size610mm*508mm
11Hole Positon+/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Driling
12Conductor Width(W)0.05mm(2mil)or;+/-20% of original artwork
13Hole Diameter(H)PTH L:+/-0.075mm(3mil);Non-PTH L:+/-0.05mm(2mil)
14Outline Tolerance0.125mm(5mil) CNC Routing;+/-0.15mm(6mil) by Punching
15Warp & Twist0.70%
16Insulation Resistance10Kohm-20Mohm
18Test Voltage10-300V
19Panel Size110×100mm(min);660×600mm(max)
20Layer-layer misregistration4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max;6 layers:0.25mm(10mil)max

Min.spacing between hole edge to circuity pattern of an inner layer


Min.spacing between board ouline to circuitry pattern of an inner layer

23Board thickness tolerance4 layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil);6 layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil)
24Impedance Control+/-10%
25Different Impendance+-/10%

rogers board technology.jpg

High Frequency PCB Application.jpg

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