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4 Layer 4003C Rogers PCB 77 GHZ RF Microwave High Frequency Pcb

4 Layer 4003C Rogers PCB 77 GHZ RF Microwave High Frequency Pcb

Rogers PCB, RO4003 PCB, Rogers 4003 PCB manufacturer/supplier in China,offering Rogers RO4003 PCB Board with Fast Turn Prototype,Multilayer Rogers PCB Circuits/Printed Circuit Board,PCB Prototype with Good Quality and so on.

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you 4 layer 4003c rogers pcb 77 ghz rf microwave high frequency pcb with competitive price. Just be free to buy good 4 layer 4003c rogers pcb 77 ghz rf microwave high frequency pcb at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

4 Layer 4003C Rogers PCB 77 GHZ RF Microwave High Frequency Pcb

Quick Detail :

1. Type : Pcb

2. Material : Rogers 

3. Layer : 4 

4. Products Size :3*9cm

5. Permittivity : 3.38 

6. Surface finish :Immersion Silver 


1. Rogers pcb multilayer pcb with high frequency can improvide the products quality ,with high techolonogy treatment improve the life cycle of the products .

2. Immersion gold surface finish make the pcb 's conductive performance enhancements.

3. Multilayer pcb design ,the precision of the pcb improves much more better .

4. Low dielectric : 2.5 dielectric conductivity much more precision .

Layer  4
Board Thickness1.6mm
Copper Thickness1oz
Surface FinishingLead Free HAL+ENIG
Min Line Width/Space4/4 mil
Min Hole Size0.4mm

Max panel size32" x 20.5"(800mm x 520mm)
Min trace width/ space (inner layer)4mil/4mil(0.1mm/0.1mm)
Min PAD (inner layer)5 mil(0.13mm)hole ring width
Min thickness(inner layer)4 mil(0.1mm)without copper
Inner copper thickness1~4 oz
Outer copper thickness0.5~6 oz
Finished board thickness0.4-3.2 mm

Board thickness tolerance control
±0.10 mm±0.10 mm1~4 L
±10%±10%6~8 L
±10%±10%≥10 L
Inner layer treatmentbrown oxidation
Layer count Capability1-30 LAYER
alignment between ML±2mil
Min drilling0.15 mm
Min finished hole0.1 mm
Hole precision±2 mil(±50 um)
tolerance for Slot±3 mil(±75 um)
tolerance for PTH±3 mil(±75um)
tolerance for NPTH±2mil(±50um)
Max Aspect Ratio for PTH8:1
Hole wall copper thickness15-50um
Alignment of outer layers4mil/4mil
Min trace width/space for outer layer4mil/4mil
Tolerance of Etching+/-10%
Thickness of solder maskon trace0.4-1.2mil(10-30um)
at trace corner≥0.2mil(5um)
On base material≤+1.2mil
  Finished thickness

Hardness of solder mask6H
Alignment of solder mask film±2mil(+/-50um)
Min width of solder mask bridge4mil(100um)
Max hole with solder plug0.5mm
Surface finishHAL (Lead or Lead free), immersion Gold, Immersion Nickel, Electric Gold finger, Electric Gold, OSP, Immersion Silver.
Max Nickel thickness for Gold finger280u"(7um)
Max gold thickness for Gold finger30u"(0.75um)
Nickel thickness in Immersion Gold120u"/240u"(3um/6um)
Gold thickness in Immersion Gold2u"/6u"(0.05um/0.15um)
Impedance control and its tolerance50±10%,75±10%,100±10% 110±10%
Trace Anti-stripped strength≥61B/in(≥107g/mm)
bow and twist0.75%

Why Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd?

Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd truly values the opportunity to serve you

Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd has over a three decade legacy of providing high performance, off the shelf and optimized application specific RF and Microwave ( Mhz to 40 Ghz ) Rogers&Taconic PCB and integrated assemblies

Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd has provided much rogers,taconic and other RF PCB to the Military and commercial markets. Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd still services and supports all the original designs we produced over the last three decades.

Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd has hundreds of standard designs which can be quickly modified to meet your exact requirement

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