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HDI PCB rogers ro3003 for RF electronics

HDI PCB rogers ro3003 for RF electronics

HDI Rogers3003 PCB,RF Electronics Board,4 layer,1.6mm Thickness

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you hdi pcb rogers ro3003 for rf electronics   with competitive price. Just be free to buy good hdi pcb rogers ro3003 for rf electronics   at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd is a leading Chinese supplier of high frequency pcb supplier.Our product philosophy is to combine advanced production ready device technology with our extensive module library and design capability to offer our customers the highest performance, quality, availability, and cost competitive solutions.

The lowest cost, highest efficiency, smallest footprint, RF, microwave, and millimeter wave pcb board:

Rogers circuits,Taconic circuits,Isola circuits,F4B circuits

RF modules board,Microwave module board,RFID Antenna board

Antennas board

Power amplifiers board

Mixers board

Attenuators pcb board

Waveguides board

Filters board


  • Board material: rogers3003

  • Layer count: 4L

  • Board thickness: 1.6mm

  • Min hole size: 0.1mm

  • Min track width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm

  • Copper thickness: 1oz

  • Solder mask: black/blue/green

  • Silkscreen: white

  • Surface finishing: HASL-LF

Testing procedures for Rogers3003 PCB board:

  • We perform multiple quality assuring procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

  • Visual Inspection

  • Flying probe

  • Impedance control

  • Solder ability detection

  • Digital metallogenic microscope

  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd mission is to significantly enhance the quality and shorten the time to market for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits developer/manufacturers and Device manufacturers by providing a validation service based on a disruptive system level methodology and turn-key development of application reference Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit designs.


Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd was founded in December 2002 with headquarter in the high technology area of Shenzhen,China.


Through 16 years of experience with RF,Microwave,Base Station Antenna, Satellite Antenna, RFID Antenna and RF transmitter and receiver module PCB Board,we provide accelerated time to market solutions with outstanding customer product quality.

Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd has been designing and building RF,microwave,and millimeter wave circuits board,modules and subsystems.Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd  is regarded as an expert in microwave and millimeter wave Rogers circuit and antenna rogers design.We worked consistently on high frequency cutting edge technology,most recently in designing modules for E-Band radios.Since 2002,Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd has run a successful consulting business antennas,power amplifiers,mixers,attenuators,waveguides,filters high frequency pcb board.Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd is well known and respected in the industry.Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd  develops RF and Microwave PCB to satisfied with customer complex solution.

Product Type: Rogers3003Minimum thickness: 0.075mm(3mil)
Test voltage: 10-300vCopper thickness: 1/2oz;10oz max
Min line width/spacing: 0.075mm/0.1mm(3mil/4mil)Min drill hole: 0.2mm(8mil)
Punching the smallest aperture: 0.9mm(35mil)The largest size puzzle: 610mm*508mm
Insulation Resistance: 10Kohm-20MohmConduction Resistance: 50ohm
thickness: 0.2mm-3.2mm(8mil-126mil)Interlaminar deviation:



Material: FR-4,Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B


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