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RF Microwave Pcb Radio Broadcast Station

Product Details Type:High FrPcb Material:Rogers Layer:Multilayer Size:10*9cm Permittivity:2 Color:Green Surface Finish:Lead-free Hasl Features: Rogers pcb multilayer pcb with high frequency can improvide the products quality,with high techolonogy treatment improve the life cycle of the...

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you rf microwave pcb radio broadcast station with competitive price. Just be free to buy good rf microwave pcb radio broadcast station at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Type:High FrPcb






Surface Finish:Lead-free Hasl 


ShenZhen Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd is dedicated to providing quality RF Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B PCB Board at competitive prices.Xinchenger PCB is a proven leader in supplying high frequency pcb board

ShenZhen Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd designs and manufactures both standard and custom rogers,taconic,isola,F4B pcb for transformers, couplers, splitters, mixers and chokes. We specialize in delivering quality high frequency RF pcb board.All Xinchenger PCB manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified. 

ItemTechnical ParametersSpecification
Layers1-40 layers _
Min. line width2/2milPartial 2mil lines is allowed
Min. line space2/2milPartial 2mil lines is allowed
Min.annular ring width: vias3mil  _
Min.annular ring width: component holes7mil  _
Min.hole size(board thickness <2mm)4mil  _
Min.hole size(board thickness ≥2mm)Aspect ratio≤16  _
Max.board thickness(single&doule sided)6mm  _
Max.board thickness(multilayer)8mm  _
Min.board thickness(single&doule sided)0.2mm  _
Min.board thickness(multilayer)4layers:0.4mm;6layers:0.6mm;8layers:1mm; 10layers:1.2mm  _
Max.board size (single&doule sided)700*1200mm  _
Max.board size (multilayer)700*1200mm  _
Distance between line to board edgeOutline: 0.2mm    V-CUT: 0.4mm  _
Solder mask bridge4milBetween IC pins
Solder mask colorWhite,black,blue,green,yellow,red,ect  _
Legend colorWhite,black,yellow,ect  _
Surface finishHAL(with Pb free),plated Ni/Au,Immersion silver,Imm Ni/Au,Imm Sn, hard gold,OSP,ect  _
Plating thickness(Technique: hard gold) Plating type: Ni,  Min./Max thickness:100/150U''           Plating type: Au, Min./Max thickness:5/120U''  _
Plating thickness (Technique:Immersion Ni/Au)Plating type: Imm Ni, Min./Max thickness:100/150U''      Plating type: Imm Au, Min./Max thickness:2/4U''  _
Plating thickness (Technique: gold finger)Plating type: Ni, Min./Max thickness:120/150U''              Plating type: Au, Min./Max thickness:5/120U''  _
Copper plating holeCopper thickness: Min.20um/Max.25um  _
Base copper thickness(Inner and outer layer)Min. thickness:1/3 OZ        Max.thickness:6OZ  _
Finished copper thicknessOuter layers: Min.thickness 1 OZ,Max.thickness 10 OZ      Inner layers: Min.thickness 0.5 OZ,Max.thickness 6 OZ   _
Min.insulation layer thickness 2mil  _
Line width/space: 3/3mil,4/4mil,4/5mil Max. Copper thickness 0.5 OZ     Line width shouldn't be less than the required value under ensure of space
Line width/space: 4/6mil,5/5mil,6/5mil Max. Copper thickness 1 OZ
Line width/space: 5/6mil,6/6mil Max. Copper thickness 2 OZ
Line width/space: 6/8mil,7/8mil,8/8mil Max. Copper thickness 3 OZ
Line width/space: 8/10mil,9/10mil,10/10mil Max. Copper thickness 5 OZ
Board materials FR-4; high frequency(rogers,taconic,PTFE,nelcon,ISOLA,polyclad 370 HR);  
Hole size tolerance ±0.03mm 
Hole position tolerance ±0.03mm  
Board outline tolerance L≤100mm:0.1mm; 200mm300mm:0.4mm 
Finished product thickness tolerance 0.2mm
Impedance control  ± 10% 
Bow and twist  ≤ 0.5% 


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