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10-layer Rogers PCB Board With Immersion Tin 0.79mm Thickness

10-layer Rogers PCB Board With Immersion Tin 0.79mm Thickness

Key Specifications/Special Features: PCB features: Layer: 10 Material: Rogers 4003 Thickness: 0.79mm Copper: 1oz Mini hole: 0.2mm Mini width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm Finish: immersion Tin

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you 10-layer rogers pcb board with immersion tin 0.79mm thickness with competitive price. Just be free to buy good 10-layer rogers pcb board with immersion tin 0.79mm thickness at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd based in Shenzhen was founded in year 2002 and has been specializing in manufacturing the rigid Rogers pcb,Taconic pcb,Isola pcb,F4B pcb and other RF printed circuit board for many years.

We can supply:

FR4 standard PCB from 2~20 layer  

High Frequency PCB,Rogers pcb,Taconic pcb,Isola pcb,F4B pcb

PCB with Blind & buried via

PCB with Impedance Control

Surface Finish:

HAL(RoHS),Immersion Gold,Flash Gold,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Gold Fingers,OSP


We provide the production services from Quick Turn or Prototype orders to Medium or Big Volume Rogers PCB orders for all kind of the customers from worldwide market.

High-end, Small volume and Various kinds of rogers&taconic&Isola and other high frequency pcb board service offered;

Speedy,Flexible and one-stop service in high frequency PCBA service;

Assembly and Purchasing service offered,all components  are promisedpurchased 100% from Original factories or their pointed agents;

Transparent quotation,cost and benefit are detailedly opened to customer;

With professional Engineers and Long-term successful experience in cooperating with customers inland and overseas,all new projects can be developed faster and better than expected;


Number of Layer1,2,4 or 6,upto 18 layer
Order Quantity1 to 50,000
Board ShapeRetangular,round,slots,cutouts,complex,irregular
Board TypeRigid
Board MaterialFR-4,Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B etc.
Board CuttingShear,V-score,Tab-routed
Board Thickness0.2-4.0mm, Flex 0.01-0.25mm
Copper Weight1.0, 1.5, 2.0 oz
Solder MaskDouble-sided green LPI,Also support Red,White,Yellow,Blue,Black
Silk ScreenDouble-sided or single-sided in white,yellow,black,or negative
Silk Screen Min Line Width0.006'' or 0.15mm
Max Board Dimensions20 inch*20inch or 500mm*500mm
Min Trace/Gap0.10mm, or 4mils
Min Drill Hole Diameter0.01'',0.25mm, or 10mils
Surface FinishHASL,Nickle,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver,OSP,etc.
Board Thickness Tolerance±10%
Copper Weight Tolerance± 0.25 oz
Minimal Slot Width0.12'', 3.0mm, or 120mils
V-Score Depth20-25% of board thickness
Design File FormateGerber RS-274,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD's DXF,DWG


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