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rogers 4003

  • HF Multilayer Rogers FR4 PCB Printed Circuit Board

    HF Multilayer Rogers FR4 PCB Printed Circuit Board6 Layer RO4003 Rogers fr4 Mix Laminate High Frequency PCB Circuit Boards Special: Material: Rogers 4003C 0.203mm+FR4 Special requirements: blind hole 0.1mm BGA hole need to be filled Rogers 4003C fr4 Stack up files: Quick detail: Model:XCEBR-6 Size: 16*5cm Copper THK:35UM Color: Green Surface...Continue Reading

  • Rogers 3003/3006/3010/3035 PCB High Frequency Circuit Boards Maker

    Rogers 3003/3006/3010/3035 PCB High Frequency Circuit Boards MakerRadio Frequency (RF) Technology,Radio Frequency,Filters/Power Amplifier/AntennasContinue Reading

  • Rogers PCB Assembly

    Rogers PCB AssemblyHigh Frequency PCB Assembly One Stop Service Manufacturer Needed: 1. PCB gerber file. 2. BOM LIST FOR PCB ASSEMBLY. 3. Send us your sample pcb board or PCBA.(if you have sample) 4. Tell us your idea. Attention:Temperature: Reflow soldering;within 230°(rogers material) Wave soldering: within...Continue Reading

  • FR4 Rogers Multilayer Mix Stack up PCB Boards

    FR4 Rogers Multilayer Mix Stack up PCB BoardsRogers 4350B Fr4 6 Layer Mix Stack Up pcb Circuit Boards Key Specifications/Special Features: Material: rogers4350B 0.254mm +FR4 6 layer Other material: rogersmaterial Surface treatment: immersion gold Width/space: 4.2/4.4mil Minimum drill hole: 0.20mm Other name: rogers 4350 fr4 mix compression...Continue Reading

  • Rogers Circuit Board

    Rogers Circuit BoardHigh Frequency Rogers 4350B 2L Green Solder Mask PCB Boards Quick detail: Rogers 4350material 2 layer Rogers 4350pcblaminate Green solder mask, white silk screen Model:XCEAR-1 Size:8*6cm Location:Shenzhen Specification: Features: • Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric...Continue Reading

  • High Frequency Rogers 5880 ENIG PCB Factory

    High Frequency Rogers 5880 ENIG PCB Factory2 Layer Rogers RT 5880 High Frequency PCB Circuit Boards With ENIG SurfaceContinue Reading

  • Rogers PCB Board

    Rogers PCB BoardHybrid solutions for Microwave/RF applications,Microwave Printed Circuit BoardContinue Reading

  • Rogers PCB Fabrication

    Rogers PCB FabricationHF Rogers 4350 8 Layers PCB fabrication Quick detail: Material: Rogers 4350B 0.254MM 0.508MM PP material Rogers 4450 Core: 3 or 4 Stack up files: Necessary Gerber files:Necessary Specification High-frequency circuit board processing special features: 1, The impedance control requirements more...Continue Reading

  • Vias Filled 4003 PCB

    Vias Filled 4003 PCBVias filled Rogers 4003 PCB Boards Fabrication Quick detail: Layer: 8 Special: vias filled with resin Half hole Material: Rogers 4003C 0.762MM Surface finish:ENIG Board size:9*8CM Quantity: 500pcs Delivery time: 7 days SPECIFICATIONS: Copper double side laminate with polyester/ceramic dielectric...Continue Reading

  • White Solder Mask Rogers Rf PCB Printed Circuit Board

    White Solder Mask Rogers Rf PCB Printed Circuit BoardSingle Sided Rogers 4003C PCB boards With White Solder Mask Specification: Number of Layer: 1 Board material: rogers 4003C Board thickness: 0.254MM Surface finish: Immersion gold Copper weight: 35um Size: 6*6cm Needs: 50pcs Delivery time: rogers ro4003C 3 days Production: The fabricate process...Continue Reading

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