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High Frequency Fr4 Double Sided Rigid PCB Fabrication
Jan 03, 2018

High frequency fr4 double sided rigid pcb fabrication




Type: high frequency

Layer: 6 layer

Surface finish:immersion gold

Solder mask: green

Silkscreen: white

Warp and Twist:≤0.7%

Quick detail: 

Board size: 16*10cm

Board thickness:0.8MM

Model: XCEF-1

Min line space&width:5mil




Since the day of company foundation we continuously enaged in researching special and high precision 

printed circuit boards

with the strong production capability of 2 to 28 layers of highly precise impedence,multi-layer blind buried,

multi-layer mix-compression,highTG, 

copper substrate,Ceramic substrate PCB.

we have accumulated abandunt experiences in the line of high frequency microwave business for which 

widely apply to power divider,

combiner,power amplifier,line amplifier,base station,RF antena,4G antena so on and so forth.our 

company's sufficient stocks of hi-frequency pcb materials such as Rogers,

TACONIC,Arlon,Isola,F4B,TP-2,FR-4 (dielectric rage:2.2-16) mainly used in the area of high technologies like communication device,


Aerospace,Military industry to meet our worldwide customers with high quality.furthermore,we also keen 

on helping customers shorten the period of production development

and 24 hours of sample service is available.



Consumer electronics,medical instrumentation,industrial automation controls etc

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