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Hole Copper 25um 8 Layer PCB Board With Hole In Pad Electronic Panels

Hole copper 25um 8 layer pcb board with hole in pad electronic panels • Do you have an order minimum? 1pc or 1 panel acceptable,also for PCBA. • How to place the order? After we quote for you,and you will accept the price,then we will send proforma invoice to you for payment,also you can contact...

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Hole copper 25um 8 layer pcb board with hole in pad electronic panels


• Do you have an order minimum?

1pc or 1 panel acceptable,also for PCBA.

• How to place the order?

After we quote for you,and you will accept the price,then we will send proforma invoice to you for payment,also you can contact us by skype.

• What kind of transportation we adopt?

 It'll depand on your choice.

Most time we will delivery on DHL or Fedex IP,if you have requirements for the delivery way,we will according to your choice.




Xinchenger Electronics co.,Ltd established in 2002,we have commited ourselves to manufacturing various of hi-frequency microwave pcb and multi-layer board including fastest sample production.


we have accumulated abandunt experiences in the line of high frequency microwave business for which widely apply to power divider,combiner,power amplifier,line amplifier,base station,RF antena,4G antena so on and so forth.our company's sufficient stocks of hi-frequency pcb materials such as Rogers,TACONIC,Arlon,Isola,F4B,TP-2,FR-4 (dielectric rage:2.2-16) mainly used in the area of high technologies like communication device,Electronics,Aerospace,Military industry to meet our worldwide customers with high quality.furthermore,we also keen on helping customers shorten the period of production development and 24 hours of sample service is available.


Since the day of company foundation we continuously enaged in researching special and high precision printed circuit boards with the strong production capability of 2 to 28 layers of highly precise impedence,multi-layer blind buried,multi-layer mix-compression,highTG, copper substrate,Ceramic substrate PCB.we emphasize the significance of traning program for every single staff in the company even grass-roots employees which becomes the most competitive factors to excel from others,our company have many experienced and professional teams from management to production line,30% are highly educated among the total amount of employees,advanced engineers and senior technicians are up to 80 people.


With advanced foreign technology supports and domestic 3G/4G device manufacturer in microwave pcb field which lead our experienced hi-frequencey researching team to one step ahead of the line of printed circuit board business,we are hornored to obtain sound reputations over our wolrdwide customers on the basis of fine qulity,prompt delivery,satisfied after sales service for may years and we assure our customers that we will return the favors with more and more superior products in the near future.







Intraday hole is an important part of a multi-layer PCB, which not only bears PCB main function performance, and drilling costs are generally 30% to 40% PCB system board costs. In short, each hole on the PCB can be called pan holes.


From the role of point of view, intraday holes can be divided into two categories:

One is used for electrical connection between the layers; the second is used as a device for fixing or positioning. If from the process technology, these disk holes are generally divided into three categories, namely blind holes (blind via), buried vias (buried via) and through-hole (through via). Blind holes located on the top and bottom surfaces of the printed circuit board, having a certain depth, the line for connecting the surface layer and the inner layer below the line, the depth of the hole is usually no more than a certain ratio (aperture). Buried hole printed circuit board means located in the inner connection hole, it does not extend to the surface of the board. These two types of holes are located in the inner layer circuit board, laminated before use through-hole forming process is completed, the through-hole forming process may also overlap several good lining. The third is called through-hole, this hole through the entire circuit board can be used to implement the interconnect or installed as locating hole components. Since the through-holes in the process easier to implement, low cost, so most of the printed circuit boards are to use it, rather than the other two plate holes.




Company Service:
24 hours quick sample is avaliable here.
reply Customer's any enquiry within 3 hours;
Blind buried hole ,crossed blind hole can be done
24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
Supply the best project fit for production customized


Model Number:XCEPCB0019    

Shipping port:ShenZhen/HongKong          

Place of origin:GuangDong,China    

Delivery Time:3-10 Working Days  

Production capacity:FR4:2000000Sqms   High Frequency board:10000Sqms

Price Terms:FOB

Minimum Order Quantity:1pc

Payment terms:TT,Paypal,Western Union





Molde Number:xcepcb0019



Panel Size:105*125mm/5pcs

Board Thickness:1.0mm

Package Details:


     Bubble bag

     With Foam

Outer:Carton Box

Min Line Space:4Mil

Min Line Width:4Mil

Min Hole Size:10Mil

Finished Surface:ENIG

Special requirement:


copper 25um

Provide Slice report

Finished Copper:1oz

Delivery Time8 Days

BGA stands for Ball Grid Array (PCB ball grid array structure), which is an integrated circuit using an organic carrier board an encapsulation method. It has: ① ② reduce package size function to increase the number of pins increases ③PCB board is dissolved welding self-centered, easy on the tin ④ ⑤ good electrical performance, high reliability, and low overall cost. BGA PCB board has more holes in general, most customers BGA lower through-bore design for the finished hole diameter 8 ~ 12mil, BGA surface at a distance from the hole to fit specifications for 31.5mil for example, is generally not less than 10.5mil. BGA vias required under the plug hole, BGA pads are not allowed on the ink, not drilling on the BGA pads.








1 to 24 layers


Material type:

FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, Rogers


Board thickness:

0.20mm to 3.4mm


Copper thickness:

0.5 OZ to 4 OZ


Copper thickness in hole:

>25.0 um (>1mil)


Max. Board Size:



Min. Drilled Hole Size:



Min. Line Width:

3mil (0.075mm)


Min. Line Spacing:

3mil (0.075mm)


Surface finishing:

HASL / HASL lead free, HAL, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion Silver/Gold, OSP, Gold plating

Maximum PCB Size

2 Layer 20” x 28”
Mulitlayer 16” x 26”

Minimum Conductor



Minimum Conductor



Minimum Drill Hole 



Finish Plating / 

Surface Finishes

HASL – Leaded Solder Tin/Nickel
HASL – Lead Free Solder
Electroless Soft Gold
Wire Bondable Soft Gold
Nickel Flash Gold
Electroless Nickel
Immersion Gold OSP
Electrolytic Nickel /Hard Gold  and 

Selective Gold
Immersion Silver
Immersion Tin
Carbon Ink

Finished Copper 

– Outer Layers

1oz Cu – Min .004” Trace/Space
2oz Cu – Min .005” Trace Space
3oz Cu – Min .008” Trace/Space
4oz Cu – Min .010” Trace/Space
5oz Cu – Min .012” Trace/Space

We can manufacture higher 

ounces of copper depending

 on the specs. 

Please let us know how much

 you would like when sending

 us your PCB specs.


Competitive Advantage:
2).Lead time:3-10 working days
3)Competitive price best quality
4).Rich 20 years experience in High Tg Multilayer PCB .

What Information customer need to provide for quotation ?
1. PCB Gerber files ,protel,powerpcb,Autocad,etc.
2. BOM list for PCB assembly.
3. Send us your sample PCB or PCBA.
4. OEM is acceptable.



Contact Information:

Karen-Sales Department

ShenZhen Xinchenger Electronic Co.,Ltd





Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you hole copper 25um 8 layer pcb board with hole in pad electronic panels with competitive price. Just be free to buy good hole copper 25um 8 layer pcb board with hole in pad electronic panels at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

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