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6 Layers BGA PCB Multilayer Hi-Tech Circuit Board Gold Platting

6 Layers BGA PCB Multilayer Hi-Tech Circuit Board Gold Platting

China Multilayer PCB Factory, China PCB Supplier, China PCB Exporter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 6 Layers BGA PCB Multilayer Hi-Tech Circuit Board Gold Platting, Double Sided PCB 2layer PCB 4oz Copper Red Mask Enig PCB, LED Aluminum PCB Single Sided PCB 1layer Aluminum LED PCB Taiyo Wihite Mask PCB and so on.

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Product Details


Product Detail


layer: multilayer

material: fr4

Tg value: tg135-tg180

board thickness:1.6mm

copper thickness:.1.5oz

surface treatment:ENIG

Quick detail:


Special: FR4 Material



Surface: ENIG



Multiple Layers PCB Immersion Gold FR4 PCB 1.6mm Thickness

Green Soldermask White Silkscreen,

FR - 4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, based on epoxy resin as binder,

with electronic level glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material of substrate.

Its bonding sheet and thin copper-clad r.p. panel and inner core is an important base material

in production of multilayer printed circuit board,

This kind of product is mainly used for double-sided PCB, dosage is very large.

Epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, the most widely used model for FR - 4,

in recent years because of the electronic product installation technology

and PCB technology development needs, appeared high Tg FR - 4 products.

Product Description

We can produce the following process of circuit board:
Material: Rogers,Taconic,FR4
Surface Treatment: HASL, LEAD-FREE, Immersion Gold, Gold Plating, OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
Layer count: 1-10
Board Thickness: 0.4mm-3.2mm
Copper Thickness: 17um-140um
Min conductor width: 0.1mm
Min conductor spacing: 0.1mm
Impedance Tolerance: +/-10%
Profiling Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
We should be highly appreciated to your early reply.

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