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Taconic Microwave / RF / Antenna PCB

PTFE PCB,High Frequency Communication,Microwave Board

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you taconic microwave / rf / antenna pcb with competitive price. Just be free to buy good taconic microwave / rf / antenna pcb at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: XCE-254

  • Dielectric: Taconic

  • Brand: XCE

  • Special Requirements3: Microwave Board

  • Specification: ROHS, SGS

  • HS Code: 85340090

  • Type: Rigid Circuit Board

  • Material: Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Mechanical Rigid: Rigid

  • Base Material: Copper

  • Model: PCB

  • Certificate: UL,RoHS,SGS

  • Special Requirements2: High Frequency Communication

  • Trademark: XCE

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

Welcome to Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd, the #1 high frequency PCB manufacturer of China-made Rogers,Taconic,Isola and F4B printed circuit boards.Avanti has been providing high quality,quick turn circuit boards to the electronics industry for over 16 years.Manufacturer-direct pricing and support, combined with the highest quality materials and most advanced PCB fabrication techniques,is what sets Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd apart from other PCB suppliers in China.

Printed circuit boards may not be the most expensive components your business purchases,but they are certainly among the most important.The capabilities and performance of the electronics you manufacture is directly dependent on the capabilities and performance of the circuit boards inside,which means the success of your products (and ultimately your business) is linked to the PCBs you order. Xinchenger understands this connection,which is why we strive to produce the very best printed circuit boards available in today’s PCB market.

Final Thickness

2 Layer – Min .005” Max .250” 14 Layer – Min .054” Max .250”

4 Layer – Min .015” Max .250” 16 Layer – Min .062” Max .250”

6 Layer – Min .025” Max .250” 18 Layer – Min .093” Max .250”

8 Layer – Min .031” Max .250” 20 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”

10 Layer – Min .040” Max .250” 22 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”

12 Layer – Min .047” Max .250” 24 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”

Core Thickness

Min .0025”

Maximum Board Size

2 Layer 18” x 28” Mulitlayer 16” x 26”

Microwave Antenna 4 Layer PCB Board,

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave PCB’s are a type of 

PCB designed to operate on signals in the megahertz to 

gigahertz frequency ranges (medium frequency to extremely high frequency). 

These frequency ranges are used for communication signals in everything 

from cellphones to military radars.  

The materials used to construct these PCB’s are advanced composites 

with very specific characteristics for dielectric constant (Er), 

loss tangent, and CTE (co-efficient of thermal expansion).

High frequency circuit materials with a low stable Er and loss tangent allow for 

high speed signals to travel through the PCB with less impedance than standard FR-4 PCB materials.  

These materials can be mixed in the same Stack-Up for optimal performance and economics.



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