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Taconic CER-10 Immersion Silver High Frequency PCB

Taconic CER-10 Immersion Silver High Frequency PCB

High frequency PCB Manufacturer,Good Price,High Quality Rogers PCB manufacturer/supplier in China,offering 4 Layer Fr4 PCB Immersion Gold,High Quality 2 Layer Rigid Fr4+Rogers Blue Soder Mask PCB,Double Sided Fr4 PCB Board

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you taconic cer-10 immersion silver high frequency pcb with competitive price. Just be free to buy good taconic cer-10 immersion silver high frequency pcb at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Detailed Product Description


Base Material:CER-10

Surface Finish:Immersion Silver

Layer Of Number:4

Board Size:28*12cm

Copper THK:1OZ

Permittivity ER=10 Taconic PCB CER-10  Based On Military Grade Material


Board size28*12cmBoard thickness1.2mm
Layer4Base materialtaconic
Min line space5milMin line width5mil



High Power Amplifier


Phase Shifter


Filters and Coupler

Passive Components


Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing rigid high frequency printed circuit boards since 2002;we are one of the oldest most experienced independent manufacturers of high frequency printed circuit boards in Chinese.

Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd provides a wide range of manufacturing services from double sided to high layer count/high density multi-layer printed circuit boards.Xinchenger Electronics(HK) Co.,Ltd can seamlessly transition customers from quick–turn prototypes to cost effective volume production while mitigating risk and uncertainty.

Manufacturing FeaturesManufacturing Capabilities
I/L Trace and Space 0.5 oz. cu.003/.003
O/L Trace and Space 0.5 oz. cu.003/.003
I/L Etched Feature Tolerance {+/-}.0005
O/L Etched Feature Tolerance {+/-}.001
Smallest drilled via .062 thickness.005
Smallest drilled via .093 thickness.008
Smallest drilled via .130 thickness.011
IPC Class 2, {.001} Annular Ring O/L.010 over finished hole size
IPC Class 3, {.002} Annular Ring O/L.012 over finished hole size
IPC Class 2, {.001} Annular Ring I/L.010 over drill diameter
IPC Class 3, {.002} Annular Ring I/L.012 over drill diameter
Layer to Layer Registration {+/-}.003
Dimensional Feature to Feature {+/-}.003
Solder Mask Dam Width Min..003
Solder Mask Clearance Tolerance {over pad}.003
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance.002
Plated Hole Tolerance {+/-}.002
Maximum Aspect Ratio12:1
Maximum Board Thickness.150
Minimum Board Thickness.016
Minimum Dielectric Core Thickness.002
Maximum Layer Count24
Maximum Panel Size21 x24
Impedance Control Tolerance {+/-} Single Ended, Edge Coupled, Broad Sided Differential+/- 7%
Maximum Bow and Twist< 0.75%
FR4,High TGYes
Surface Finishes
HASL {Hot Air Solder Level}Yes
Lead Free HASLYes
Immersion SilverYes
Immersion TinYes
Immersion nickel gold {ENIG}Yes
Electrolytic Plated Gold TabsYes
Electrolytic Full Body GoldYes
Electrolytic NickelYes
OSP {Organic Solderability Preservative}Yes
Mixed Surface Finishes Example: Electrolytic Nickel And EnigYes
Special Processes
Carbon InkYes
Via FillYes
Sequential LaminationYes

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