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F4B Double Layer HF Power Supply PCB

Material:F4B Layer:2 layer Color:blue soldermask Copper:1oz Finished surface:ENIG Thickness:105*55mm

Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you f4b double layer hf power supply pcb with competitive price. Just be free to buy good f4b double layer hf power supply pcb at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.


F4B Double Layer HF Power Supply PCB

rogers pcb dielectric constant

Electronic equipment is the development trend of high-frequency, especially in the wireless network, 

the growing development of satellite communications, information products to high

Speed and high-frequency, and communications products to the capacity of large-speed 

wireless transmission of voice, video and data standardization.

Of the new generation products need high-frequency substrate, satellite systems, 

mobile phone base stations and other communications products

 must be used to receive high-frequency circuit

Board, in the next few years will inevitably rapid development of 

high-frequency substrate will be a lot of demand.





F4B Double Layer HF Power Supply PCB


1.Sufficient high frequency material raw

2. PCB Have the comprehensive quality control system

3. PCB good price

4. PCB quick turn delivery time from 48hours.

5. PCB certification(ISO/UL E354810/RoHS)

6. 12 years experience in exporting service

7. PCB is no MOQ/MOV.

8. PCB is high quality.Strict through theAOI

(Automated Optical Inspection),QA/QC,fly porbe ,Etesting

Choosing high frequency pcb material :

high frequency circuit design/electronics high frequency circuit

Selecting a circuit material for a high-frequency printed-circuit board(pcb) 

is generally a trade-off,

often between price and performance.

However,PCB materials are also selected by two key factors:

how well they meet the needs of an end-use application

and what kind of efforts is required to fabricate a desired circuit with a particular material.

These two factors may not mesh:one material may be well suited for a particular application

but may pose challenges in terms of circuit fabrication,and vice verse.

There is no foolproof,step by step procedure for selecting a PCB material.

But by relying on some tangible guildelines designed to evaluate a material in terms of its suitability

for circuit fabrication and for meeting the requirements of an application,

the process of selecting a PCB for a particaular application can be simplied.


Following are some types introduction for Rigid PCB and High Frequency PCB:

FR4 PCB(2layer,4 layer,multilayer)


F4B high frequency pcb board


Arlon high frequency pcb board

ISOLA high frequency pcb board

4350 2.jpg

At the same time, we also provide corresponding PCBA services 

as our customer's design and requirement. 

Company Service:

24 hours quick sample is avaliable here.

reply Customer's any enquiry within 3 hours;

Blind buried hole ,crossed blind hole can be done

24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.

24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.

Supply the best project fit for production customized

Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

If you have a product quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you!

Karen-Sales Department

ShenZhen Xinchenger Electronics Co.,Ltd




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