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Antenna HF High Frequency RF PCB Board , Taconic Round 2 Layer PCB Design Service

Antenna HF High Frequency RF PCB Board , Taconic Round 2 Layer PCB Design Service

Taconic PCB,Taconic PCB Design,RF PCB,Antenna High Frequency PCB,Antenna HF High Frequency RF PCB Board ,Taconic Round 2 Layer PCB Design Service

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Product Details

Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you antenna hf high frequency rf pcb board , taconic round 2 layer pcb design service with competitive price. Just be free to buy good antenna hf high frequency rf pcb board , taconic round 2 layer pcb design service at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Detailed Product Description

Base Material:Taconic

Solder Mask:Black

Board THK:0.8MM

Type:High Frequency

Board Size:5*5 Cm

Copper THK:1OZ


Min Line Space:8mil

Min Line Width:8 Mil



Delivery:DHL,Fedex,TNT Etc.

Antenna HF High Frequency RF PCB Board Circuit Design With Taconic Material


RF is Radio Frequency, referring to the radio, a high-frequency signal. Look for board performance requirements, can be an ordinary FR4 epoxy glass fiber ,also be Teflon and other special microwave substrates.

RF board standards:

1,low-power RF PCB design,the main use of standard FR4 material (good insulation characteristics  , uniform material, a dielectric constant ε = 4,10%).

2,RF of the PCB,the individual elements should be tight arrangement,to ensure that the shortest connection between the various elements.

3,for a PCB mixed-signal,RF and analog section should stay away from digital digital part (this distance is usually more than 2cm, at least 1cm), the digital part of the ground should be separated from the RF part.

4,the choice of working environment in the high frequency components,as far as possible the use of surface-mount devices.This is because the surface-mount components are generally small, the pin element is very short.


The basic requirements for the processing of high-frequency microwave board

1, the substrate,engineer has been based on the actual needs of the impedance, choose a specific permittivity, dielectric thickness, copper foil thickness,therefore, when accepting the order, to be carefully checked, must meet the design requirements.

2, The requirements of transmission lines making precision ,the high frequency signal transmission is very strict for the characteristic printed circuit board, that the production of precision requirements for the transmission line is ± 0.02mm , the edge of transmission line to be very neat, tiny burrs, nicks are not allowed to produce.

3, the characteristic impedance of the transmission line of high-frequency microwave board directly affects the transmission quality of the microwave signal. The size and thickness of the characteristic impedance of the copper foil has a certain relationship, especially for microwave board hole metallization, coating thickness only affects the total thickness of the copper foil, and affect the accuracy of engraved lead after pitting room, so the size of the coating thickness and uniformity, to be strictly controlled.



a.Telecom: transmitter. Receiver. Oscillator. Antenna.

b.Satellite receiver

c.Global location system, amplifier, satellite telecom

d.Microwave transmission

e.Automobile telephone

f.Measure apparatus, LSI inspector, analyser, signal oscillator

g.High frequency teletcom, high speed transmission, high security, high transmission quality, high memory transaction

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