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Rigid PCB

Category Description FR4 is a glass fiber epoxy laminate,is the Main material forPCB manufacture.FR4glass fiber epoxy laminate surface colors: yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4,blueFR-4 and so on. We are the China's largest exporter of pcb board, we have various types of fr4 materials can...

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Category Description 

FR4is a glass fiber epoxy laminate,is the Main material forPCB manufacture.FR4glass fiber epoxy laminate surface colors: yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4,blueFR-4 and so on. 

We are the China's largest exporter of pcb board, we have various types of fr4 materials can be meet the different requirement of customers, and the PCB with ROHS standards, quality assurance of Fr4 materials etc., meantime to provide the most affordable price, also offer one-stop service, to protect the interests of customers. 

FR4- Glass laminates are widely used for subtractive Printed Circuit Board fabrication because of their ability to meet a wide variety of processing conditions. Thermally stable copper-clad epoxy-glass laminates offer high mechanical strength and machinability and outstanding electrical characteristics. Designed for single and double-sided boards, they provide a combination of processing flexibility and finished board performance needed for many SMT applications.

  • FR4 copper clad is short for fiberglass epoxy resin copper clad, it’s divided into the following levels:

  • FR-4 A1 level CCL: This level of CCL is mainly used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products.

  • This level of CCL widely used, the technical performance indicators to meet the needs of all the electronic products.

  • This level of product quality and fully meet world-class level, the highest level, the best performance of the product.

  • FR-4 A2 level CCL: This level of CCL is mainly used ordinary computer, instrumentation, advanced home appliances and electronic products in general. This grade series CCL widely used, the performance index can meet the general needs of industrial electronic products. A very good price-performance ratio, enabling customers to effectively improve their competitiveness.

  • FR-4 A3 level CCL: This level CCL is mainly used household appliances, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, games, etc.) development and production of FR-4 product. It is characterized by its performance to meet the requirements of the premise, highly competitive prices.


    Multilayer FR4 PCBs
    At Multilayer Technology, interaction is the key to our success. As one of electronics'leading military and aerospace printed circuit board companies, we insist on providing our customers with leading-edge fully qualified and registered high-technology printed circuit boards. Our success has always been based on putting the customer first. We know that we have to listen to our customers in order to be able to provide them with the best custom made solutions possible. We know that it takes full interaction with our customers; a true working partnership to be able to act as their printed circuit board experts. In fact, most of our customers view us astheir own Captive Printed Circuit Board Fabricator. This is something we are very proud of.
    We manufacture a wide range of technologies, utilizing unique materials and processes to a broad range of customers ranging from Telecom, Medical, Instrumentation, Pipeline & Oil, Logging, Military Defense, Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Aerospace. We fabricate a wide range of PCBs from special materials such as Teflon and Polyimide to Metal-backed, flex and rigid-flex boards.

    We offer our customers whatever they need to fulfill their PCB requirements.

    • Surface Finishes- Providing every surface finish you require.

    • White-Tin

    • Immersion Silver

    • Electroless Nickel - Immersion Gold (ENIG)

    • SMOBC (Soldermask Over Bare Copper)

    • HASL (Hot Air Solder Level) 60/40 Tin/Lead

    • HAL (Hot Air Solder Level) Lead-Free

    • Nickel - Palladium - Gold (Ni/Pd/Au)

    • Deep Nickel - Gold (Hard)

    • OSP (Organic Solderbility Preservative)

    • Selective Gold with SMOBC/HASL

    • Selective Gold with Immersion Finishes

    • Technologies- We keep our capabilities up-to-date.

    • Multilayer up to 36 layers

    • Flex and Rigid-Flex

    • Double-sided

    • Blind/Buried vias

    • RF-Teflon 1 layer to 14 layers

    • Down-Hole Logging (Polyimide w/ Nickel-Palladium-Gold)

    • Controlled impedance (Polar Instrument w/TDR reports)

    • Solder mask over bare copper (SMOBC)

    • Dry Film Solder Mask

    • Selective or deep nickel/gold plating (hard, soft, immersion type gold finish)

    • SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & BGA (Ball Grid Array)

    • Plugged vias (Silver Conductive Epoxy Filled) Aspect ratios to 32:1

    • Lines and spacing down to 3 mils

    • Drill capabilities down to 4 mils

    • Fine pitch SMT down to 10 mils pitch

    • Scoring- V-groove jump scoring


    Products Details of Pcb

    Raw Material

    FR-4 Rigid pcb

    Layer Count


    Board Thickness


    Copper Thickness


    Surface Finish

    ENIG(Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)

    Solder Mask




    Min. Trace Width/Spacing


    Min. Hole Size


    Hole Wall Copper Thickness





    Inner: Vacuum-packed in soft plastic bales
      Outer: Cardboard Cartons with double straps




    Competitive Price,Fast Delivery,OEM&ODM,Free Samples,

    Special Requirements

    Buried And Blind Via, Impedance Control, Via Plug,
      BGA Soldering And Gold Finger Are Acceptable



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