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  • Heavy Copper PCB

    Heavy Copper PCB

    Copper Clad FR4 is an excellent material commonly used for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication. The fiberglass substrate is a flame retardant (FR4) laminate, typically translucent in color and made of a continuous fine weave woven glass cloth. The fiberglass cloth is then...Continue Reading
  • Halogen Free PCB

    Halogen Free PCB

    Halogen Free Concerns regarding the health and safety of halogenated flame retardants in PWB applications dates to the early 1990s when it was discovered that under certain circumstances highly toxic dioxins and furans could be released during the (incomplete) combustion of...Continue Reading
  • Impedance PCB

    Impedance PCB

    Controlled ImpedancePCB Quick detail: PCB Controlled Impedance Impedance is the sum of the resistance and reactance of an electrical circuit expressed in Ohms. The resistance being the opposition to current flow present in all materials. The reactance is the opposition to...Continue Reading
  • Shengyi PCB

    Shengyi PCB

    FR4 high frequency pcb Introduction Fr4 high frequency pcb material:SHENGYI We are the highest efficience pcb manufature here . (1) Professional Manufacturer on PCB for about 10 years (2) More than 500 workers, over 4,000 square meters for day-output and 1,000,000 square...Continue Reading
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