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4 Layer FR4 Board Digital Camera 3 Oz Copper

4 Layer FR4 Board Digital Camera 3 Oz Copper

Impedance Control Board, Pcb, Printed Circuit Board manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Fr-4 6 Layers Characteristic Impedance Control Circuit Board, Immersion Gold 1.6mm Thickness Halogen-Free Plate Circuit Board, Immersion Gold Car Speaker Panel Circuit Board PCB and so on.

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Product Details
Xinchenger Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you 4 layer fr4 board digital camera 3 oz copper with competitive price. Just be free to buy good 4 layer fr4 board digital camera 3 oz copper at reasonable price with us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can working for you.

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Rigid Circuit Board

  • Dielectric:FR-4

  • Trademark:XCE

  • Specification:UL, 94V-0, SGS, RoHS, TS16949

  • Origin:Chongqing, China

Product Description

Impedance Control Board

1. FR-4

2.6 L Multilayer PCB

3.1.6mm thickness board

4. HASL-LF surface treatment

5. Inner&out layer difference

6. Characteristic Impedance control

FR-4 is a flame-resistant material grade code, represents the resin material is burned state must be able to go out of a material specifications, it is not a material name, but a material grade, so the current general circuit The FR-4 grade materials used in the panels are of a very wide variety, but most are composites made of so-called Tera-Function epoxy with fillers and glass fibers.

FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate, according to the use of different uses, the industry generally known as: FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth, insulation board, epoxy board, epoxy board, brominated epoxy board, FR-4 FR-4 Reinforcing Plate, FPC Reinforcing Plate, Flexible Circuit Board Reinforcing Plate, FR-4 Epoxy Resin Plate, Flame Retardant Insulating Plate, FR-4 Laminate Plate, Epoxy Plate , FR-4 light board, FR-4 glass fiber board, epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminated board, circuit board drilling pad. Main technical features and applications: Electrical insulation [1] Stable, smooth, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance standard, suitable for high performance electronic insulation requirements of products such as FPC stiffener, PCB drilling Pad, Fiberglass, Potentiometer Carbon Film Printed Fiberglass Board, Precision Planetary Gear (Wafer Grinding), Precision Testing Plates, Electrical (Electrical) Equipment Insulation Barrier Strips, Insulation Plates, Transformer Insulation Plates, Motor Insulators , Grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board.

FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate surface colors are:

Yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4, blue FR-4 and the like.

The FR-4 is the substrate used by the PCB and is a type of sheet metal. Sheet by the different reinforced materials, mainly classified into the following four:

1) FR-4: glass cloth substrate

2) FR-1, FR-2, etc.: Paper substrate

3) CEM series: composite substrate

4) Special Materials Substrates (Ceramic, Metal-based, etc.) FR-4 Laminate sheet made from a special electronic cloth impregnated with a material such as epoxy phenolic resin by high-temperature and high-pressure hot pressing.

Features: With high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance and good machinability.

Uses: Electrical machinery, electrical equipment for the insulation structure components, including the various styles of switch FPC electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit board, computer drilling pad with a rule of the fixture (PCB test frame) and in wet conditions and environmental conditions Transformer oil used.


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